Sunday, November 18, 2007

Low-Key Hillclimb: Sierra Road

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After experiencing the conditioning problems I had in my previous ride, I made sure to be in better shape this time. In the week prior to the ride, I did two training rides. I left work in the afternoon, rode for over an hour, then returned to the office and worked a little later. Earlier in the summer, I could simply do a training ride after work. But with less daylight now, that is not an option.

This week's ride was Sierra Road in San Jose. This is a challenging road because it starts steeply and remains steep for three and a half miles. It is very popular with cyclists, and is a standard part of the route of the San Jose stage of the Tour of California.

The weather was good and there was a large turnout. We started as one large group, and I took my usual place in the back of the pack. I basically established a pace that I was comfortable with and maintained that. The slope of the road is very consistent, so that is the standard strategy.

photo by Michael Gonia
Notice that just over the edge of the hill, you can look down on Silicon Valley.

I had no problems getting to the top, and I was happy with my overall time. I spent some time chatting with people at the finish. I usually continue with a longer ride after the event, but this week I had plans to meet Vaishali, Rucha, and Anuja in San Francisco, so I simply went back home after the event. Since I was not doing any more riding, I did not eat anything at the finish.

There is one final Low-Key event next week, but I will not be doing that one. It is on Thanksgiving Day, and we are going to Porterville for the holiday. So I will have no more reports on these events here, but I will continue to report on my more interesting bicycle rides.

photo by Bill Bushnell

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