Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Still Training

I have not written much in the past couple weeks because I have not participated in any organized rides. Since this summer has been full of events, I stopped documenting each individual training ride like I did at the beginning of the year.

My focus is still on my current goal — the Knoxville Double Century, and the California Triple Crown. I am still amazed that I am actually close to achieving the triple crown (three double centuries in one calendar year). My initial thoughts were that this could be a reasonable goal for next year. Once I finish this, I will declare all major goals for 2008 accomplished.

The Knoxville Double Century is now less than three weeks away, so I need to continue my usual training schedule to stay in shape. Normally I schedule a big training ride at the two week mark, which would be this weekend. But we are out of town for a wedding so I will not be able to do that. I don't think that is a problem. I will just stick to my usual schedule, and then shut down all training at the one week mark.

Over the past Labor Day weekend, I was able to do two training rides — one on Saturday and one on Monday. The Monday ride covered some new territory. I rode to San Carlos and rode on some of the steep hill roads there (Crestview, Club, Hastings). This was a great ride because those roads were much steeper than I expected, and were a nice challenge. The overall distance was 50 miles, and I pushed my pace on the flat parts to finish it all in only 3 hours 30 minutes on the bike.

Click for an interactive map.

The previous Saturday, I rode up to Skyline Blvd on Highway 9 (the ride that I did so many times last year), then continued on Skyline northward its full length to the intersection with Highway 92. I had planned on dropping down to the coast at that point, but I instead headed away from the coast, resulting in a shorter ride. It looked like it was cold, windy and completely foggy by the ocean, plus I was not feeling as energetic as usual, so I settled for the shorter route. Still, it was a 67 mile total and I finished in under 5 hours bike-time.

Click for an interactive map.

The weekend before was more interesting. We traveled to Austin Texas to visit Kavitha (my cousin). I had done some research before going and found that one of the steepest streets in the area is Jester Blvd. I did a ride from Kavitha's house to Jester. The road was steep, but not more than many of the Bay Area roads that I am used to. My group drove and met me at the top of the hill, and an unexpected rain shower drenched me just before I finished it all.

Click for an interactive map.

I don't think I will write another report until Knoxville. I will mainly be doing post-work training rides after this weekend.

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Dilip said...

Thanks for sharing your impressive blog, Murali! Wow, a double century would be a great feat. I haven't read it yet but it looks like you recently did a brevet! Your pace on your rides is quite aggressive. Maybe we shouldn't ride together - I couldn't keep up with you! Come visit us sometime and try out our tandem (!
Good luck with the rest of your training. Thanks for documenting it for your admirers to enjoy! --Dilip